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November 9, 2012
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My Little Portal: Basic Cast REVISITED by yuji8sushi My Little Portal: Basic Cast REVISITED by yuji8sushi
Original: [link]
Lots of Revisits lately. I plan on doing more.
Lalalalala....this is some lazy, eased back traditional work. ,# Takin' a break from the digital stuff. Probably won't POST my traditional stuff, those....

Here we go:
Atlas, P-Body, GLaDOS, Chell, RatMan, Cave Johnson, Caroline, a Turret, and Wheatley.
Okay, now:

Atlas and P-Body (Core's/Robots): In Portal 2 Multiplayer mode, player one is Atlas and player 2 is P-Body. Now, personally, i think they're both males. Sure, P-Body has a bit of a femenine figure, movements and voice (more like robotic chirps), but I beleive he's some kind of tall, nerdy guy as a human. Oh yea, i've been doing Portal 2 humans lately, too....
So i tried to make P-Body as gender neutral as possible.

GLaDOS (Core/Robot/Human Hybrid): The tyrannic disk operated and human hybrid Aperture Science Administrator Core, GLaDOS. I love GLaDOS. She's awesome. Her pony design is similar to my human design for her. Part of GLaDOS's computer brain is inhabited by Caroline, her original identity.

Chell (Human): I love Chell. SO MUCH. I've cosplayed as her aaaaand...i just love her. x3 She is mute, so she cannot speak, because the majority of her life has been lived isolated from society in the Aperture Science Laboratories, though she seems to understand speech when she hears it. She tends to confuse the word Apples with Jump and has been lied to and bribed with cake.

RatMan (Human): Omygosh....I re-read the Portal 2 comic 'LabRat' ([link]) and i feel soooooooo bad for this guy. If i could BUY the comic, I would. Doug RatMan is one of the last employees to survive from Aperture and GLaDOS's habit of flooding the halls with Neurotoxin. He's been (unbeknownst her) helping Chell survive her whole life by putting her in suspended animation instead of leaving her to die for 9999999 and by painting helpful clues on the wall, like 'The Cake is a Lie' and beautiful pictures. He roams the halls of the facility heard, but unseen, of Aperture with his Companion Cube, who he believes can talk due to his mental illness that i shall leave unnamed as it may be offensive in some way and i don't wanna get shot. He is seen as a shadow in the ending sequence to Portal 2.

Cave Johnson (Human): Aperture Science's founder and CEO in the 50s and 70s as far as I know.....until he died soon afterwards of Moon Dust Poisoning, a major conductor used in Portal guns. Because of this slow contamination of his brain: Cave Johnson was crazy. He fills the halls beneath Aperture with prerecorded messages of him and his assistant, Caroline.

Caroline (Human): Cave Johnson's trusty Assistant, who was very upbeat and reliable. Especially in Cave's final days. Against her will, Cave Johnson wanted her to run Aperture Science when he died. He mentioned the idea of shoving somebody into a computer in the same prerecorded message, and that ended up happening. Caroline ultimately became GLaDOS, who doesn't end up remembering her true identity until she becomes POTaTOS and listens to the messages of Cave and Caroline while responding in sync with Caroline. GLaDOS's voice is actually Caroline's, but it's heaved with a robotic sound, so it doesn't sound human anymore.

Turret (Robot): Turrets are little robots throughout Aperture's test chambers with cute little voices, capable of may suprises. Most testing purposed Turrets shoot you with bullets, always minding their manner's with, "I don't hate you" and "Can you come over here?". Some Turrets, though, have different reputations. The Prima Donna Turret sings at the end of Portal 2, the Oracle Turret claims to be 'Different', because it doesn't shoot you and it tells you about things you didn't know, like GLaDOS's true identity as Caroline (or atleast it HINTS it), and Defective Turrets are defective.

Wheatley (Core/Robot): Wheatley is an Intelligence Dimming Core, originally strapped to GLaDOS to make sure she wasn't TOO smart. While he DID do his job and fed her dumb ideas, his programming eventually became corrupted, and he was assigned to be in charge of the Test Subject's Relaxation Units, where they were stored for later testing. Wheatley wakes Chell up after RatMan put her into suspended animation for 999999, and that startsthe game Portal 2! ^^

All Portal Characters belong to Valve
MLP:FiM belongs to Hasbro/The Hub
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